Meditative Flow With Yoga Nidra

Release Stress. Embrace Peace. Be One With The Universe.
“How so?” you might ask. “Yoga Nidra” would be my one word answer.
Here comes my monthly workshop, every fouth Sat, 4 to 6 pm at MOYO.
Join me on a guided journey to explore the many layers that comprise the mind-body connection.
The practice begins with an all levels Vinyasa sequence that will raise the energy levels through pranayama and asana techniques. Then the focus shifts to a lying down meditation practice called Yoga Nidra whereby one unravels the realms of consciousness and strongly connects with the present moment.  Nothing can beat this sweet surrender. If you have never experienced Yoga Nidra before – this is a good time to try the practice as the seasons change from one to the other.Expect to find balance, feel whole and ready to take on the world.
Expect to feel revitalized- mind, body and spirit.
For directions and details follow this link, mark your calendars and be there to find out the victory that comes with surrender.

Also follow the links for a schedule of classes and workshops that I run in the area. Two more weeks for the Nidra workshop if you are looking for something sooner, just saying 🙂

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