108 Salutes

I feel on top of the world. I completed a full mala of sun salutes, 108 in number just before dawn today. This was in preparation for the class I will be teaching along with some of my favorite teachers this evening.  See the flyer below for details. I have always practiced mala’s and half mala’s in a group environment. Never by myself, so it was a wonderful feeling to not give up and stay focused. It was an effort to not let the ego win during the last quarter of the practice. My mat was drenched, felt like I was taking a sweat bath. But the feeling of lightness afterwards was ‘Unbeatable’. Not sure if I will ever be able to do this again – but as I learnt, it is not impossible.  Doable with attention and deep breaths.  That last part is key. Breath begins. Breath ends. It took me deep and made my practice a moving meditation. For those of you who still has no plans for tonight, join me. Otherwise, enjoy the wonderful weekend.