In between

This morn I sat out on the porch awaiting a ride to the car dealer. Routine inspection. But if it werenโ€™t for that I would have missed the crisp weather. It is that time between fall and winter – when there are some trees that are bare naked without leaves while others are dressed in… Continue reading In between

Now and then

Day 28 Today I am grateful for…. The Light. The sparkles. The shining. More so than ever before I acknowledge the Sun today. The brightness and the twinkling, the sunbeams follow me around through every room, every activity, every thought, every feeling. No matter what, the sun shines on. No matter how dark the mood,… Continue reading Now and then

The Day After

Day 11 Since my health was a little poorly, I decided to skip the visits with the extended family and my typical temple hopping around Trivandrum. Figured the family and the gods would understand and forgive me for taking it easy. Although, I was fortunate enough to meet some of my fav people and we… Continue reading The Day After