November Nuggets 27

“Intention is more than wishful thinking—it’s willful direction. It is a philosophy of the heart put into practice, a consistency of conscious patterns of thought, energy, and action. Through intention, we see more and create with more clarity, passion, and authenticity. Our attention then becomes a spotlight for every shred of supporting evidence that we’re on the right path”

The word “Sankalpa” is all about setting an intention, a resolution. A mindful practice, be it yoga, meditation or any other spiritual technique, always begins with an intention. An affirmation. One moves through the practice holding onto the Sankalpa, letting everything else go. A Sankalpa is not some distant goal that you set for yourself to get to someday. It has to be made in the present tense, so it can be practiced in the here and now. I love this instruction from one of my favorite books on Nidra

“Word your Sankalpa briefly, sincerely, positively and in the present tense. Say it as if it were already true. Back it up with gratitude along with your inner will.”

What are some of the intentions one could use –

I am courage

I am truth

I am fearless

I am peace

My true nature is kindness (or joy)

Earlier this year I happened to study with an Indian yogi popularly known as Sadhguru who suggested an affirmation that I have been working with since then. It goes,

“I am 100% responsible, my life is my making”.

That statement packs a punch the more you start to contemplate and work with it. The simplest of statements can become the most powerful of affirmations. Setting an intention is not just for yogis and practitioners of mindfulness. Setting an intention every single morn as soon as one wakes up is a great way to start the day. It sets the course for the day. Teaching children to set the intention as soon as they wake up is a great way to make a habit out of it. It is better to start young when habits can be moulded. Gratitude to such life lessons learnt young.

Whether you are a practitioner or not, here is a wonderful article on a powerful affirmation mentioned above and how it applies to run a successful fruitful life. I really enjoyed reading this.

“Intention is not something you do, but rather a force that exists in the universe as an invisible field of energy- a power that can carry us. It’s the difference between motivation and inspiration. Motivation is when you get hold of an idea and don’t let go of it until you make it a reality. Inspiration is the reverse- when an idea gets hold of you and you feel compelled to let that impulse or energy carry you along. You get to a point where you realize that you’re no longer in charge, that there’s a driving force inside you that can’t be stopped. Look at the great athletes, musicians, artists, and writers. They all tap into a source.” — Wayne Dyer


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