Patience and Forgiveness


β€œIt takes a good deal of inner strength to remain calm and compassionate in the face of fierce opposition, never losing your balance or resorting to harsh language. But when you can do this, a kind of miracle takes place which all of us can verify. The other person becomes calmer, his eyes clear a little too: soon communication is established once again.”

– Eknath Eashwaran.

So much wisdom in these words. So much truth. Calm response is so much powerful than a quick jerky reaction. Developing patience and learning to forgive is an integral part of the solution. They enable us to surrender our false pride and egotistic ideologies that we cling to. They enable us to embrace peace inherent in the deepest part of ourselves. They enable us to live fully in the present moment.

I am a work in progress and it is a practice. One I feel excited to learn and share. Care to join me?

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Happy Wednesday Folks.



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