About Me


I am passionate about yoga and mindfulness. My spiritual journey has all been about breathing, practicing, teaching, and simply being. I have been a yoga and meditation practitioner all my life and continues to learn at every opportunity I get. I believe that the quest for knowledge is never ending and prefers to be a seeker of knowledge for the rest of my life. Yoga grounded me and always helped me to live in the now. I have taught yoga, breath-work, meditation and yoga philosophy classes, workshops and programs full time, in the Philadelphia area, since 2010.

I am currently one of the lead teachers for a Yoga Alliance certified 95 hour Kids Yoga Teacher Training program for Pranakriya. My kids’ teaching methodologies have been influenced by the life, education, society and culture that I have been exposed to growing up in India. I strongly believe that childhood education should not be limited to academics and social norms, rather it should build a pathway to understand human consciousness and its many capacities as a whole. “The journey is inward not outward” is a message that I like to get across into the child’s subconscious from an early age.

I am also involved as a lead teacher in several 200 hour and 300 hour trainings. I have extensive experience in running corporate programs as well as international yoga and wellness retreats. I continue my studies frequently in India where I am constantly expanding my knowledge, personal practice and sharing that with my students. I have learnt that sharing my studies with others takes my own personal experience to a whole new level. Don’t they say that when you give, it gets returned back to you threefold? So true as I learn from each one of my students every single day. Thus, with practicing and teaching I come the full circle.

I am registered with Yoga Alliance  as an Experience Yoga Teacher(ERYT-500), a Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher (RCYT) as well as a Continued Education Provider (YACEP).  Find a full schedule of Usha’s offerings at my official website – Yogabhyasa Kalari. To learn a little more about me, go on to my personal blog here – “My Yoga Journey.” 


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